Dr. Joseph J. Kerwin, DDS - 64

9/12/1953 - 5/6/2018

Leaf River


  • Bill & Ruth Luepkes

    on 05/07/18


  • Barbara & James Kirchner

    on 05/07/18

    What a guy he gave his all.  Always had a smile.  Never heard him say I am tired or that he didn’t feel good.  A very good friend.  Loved him!

  • Shirley Lovell

    on 05/07/18

    Joe was a fine man, friend to all he met.  He will be missed immensely.  Godspeed, Joe.  Prayers and love to his family.


  • Lorrie Alsobrooks

    on 05/07/18

    We are so sorry for your loss. Pat, you and your family are in our hearts. Lorrie and Gary
  • Penny Downing

    on 05/07/18

    Dr, Kerwin was a wonderful dentist, father, husband, man.... He was all about family  and sports and being the best guy we all knew

    . So very sorry to hear of this sadness. Prayers are being sent your way. May God Bless.

  • dawood harunani

    on 05/07/18

    Please accept our condolences and may our prayers help comfort you and hasten his soul's journey to Heaven. Amen

    Our deepest sympathies go out to you and your family

  • Scheidegger family

    on 05/07/18

    To an amazing dentist and friend... we will miss you. Thanks for your smile and encouragement all the years.  Certainly a sad day. 

  • Sandi Gietl

    on 05/07/18

    You were the best dentist ever . You were always so kind . When I saw u Wednesday for my app. You made me laugh when I told u that you might find flour tortilla on my teeth. You laughed and said that's all I ate I said yes and 2 tic tac I was in a hurry. And I just smiled and said when we were done see i in 6 months. I will miss you as I do now. RIP DR.KERWIN. You will be so missed by so many ❤ Sandi Gietl
  • Kim Sassaman Davis

    on 05/07/18

    I’m so saddened by his passing. He was  the best dentist And all-around good guy!  I was there last month and we had great conversation, and lots of laughs like we always do .  I’m going to miss him. After 39 years of taking great care of me , I know God is taking care of you now. Rest In Peace Doc. Condolences to the family . 


  • Bob Bull

    on 05/08/18

    Will miss you Joe as you were lots more than a dentist to me. I valued your friendship for many years.

  • Bill and Connie Ricks

    on 05/09/18

    So sorry to hear about Joe's passing. I am so sorry I didn't keep in touch. He was an outstanding soldier and an even better friend. Our prayers and deepest sympsthies go out to the family. He is with the Lord but will be missed by all who knew him.

  • Mike Seaworth

    on 05/09/18

    So sorry to hear of Dr. Kerwins passing. A friendly and compassionate dentist and and a White Sox fan to the end.

  • R W Scerba (Patient)

    on 05/10/18

            Thank you Joe for fixing me up all those years..

            May our father of all things bless and keep you safe..

  • Dennis Kuntzelman

    on 05/10/18

    Sorry to hear about Joe's passing. My condolences to Wendy, Joe's family and friends. 

  • Tabby Koch

    on 05/10/18

    It saddens me to hear of Dr. Kerwin's passing.  He was a great dentist, always smiling; serious and then joking with me.  I actually loved to go to my twice a year cleanings to see his smiling face and have him harass me for not flossing! :)  What a great man! He will be missed.  Never forgotten.

  • Mike and Judy McNett

    on 05/12/18

    Sending our sympathy and care to all of you.


  • Susan Gelazus Brishaber

    on 05/15/18


    I am so sorry for your loss.  Please know that you & your family are in my thoughts & prayers during this difficult time.


  • James P Economos DDS

    on 12/04/18

    I just saw this today about 7 months later.  Next year we will have our 40th year since graduating DDS school at the U of IL COD in Chicago.  I had not seen much of Joe since school was done, but it's always a moment to reflect upon our fellow classmates in times like this.  In reading the comments I can se that Joe did well for himself, family and patients.  RIP my brother in dentistry.  James P Economos DDS, Bartlett, IL  

  • Ovedasolvow

    on 04/22/19

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